10+ Admirable Ideas of Minimalist and Simple One-Room Apartment

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Everyone needs privacy space. It requires a room where you can do anything alone without having to be embarrassed or disturbed. In the current situation, the population is increasing. It is causing the need for shelter to increase. For those of you who migrate to work or school, you can choose a small apartment as a temporary residence. Besides being simple because it only used for resting, the price is undoubtedly relatively lower than renting a house and more comfortable to clean because of its small size, so it saves more time and energy for those of you who have quite dense activities.

Although a temporary residence, of course, this apartment must provide comfort for the owner. Small flats are usually only one room that used for various things, for example, to sleep, relax, eat without any other place. So the selection of furniture and the determination of the layout of the furniture will determine how comfortable the apartment can be inhabited by being able to utilize the entire space properly.

You can decorate your small apartment as you wish. There are several types of design options, one of which is a minimalist and modern design. This design is one of the most frequently used options. Apart from being easy to get, the interior also gives a dull impression on the room and seems more spacious. You can change the design of the apartment with flat white color or use a monochrome color gradation such as white, black, or gray. But you can also use other options by decorating with bright colors or pastels that are suitable for the apartment owner. Also, choose a small to the medium-sized cabinet, so it doesn’t take up too much space. If the size of the room is small enough, you can use a thick carpet made from soft fur instead of the sofa. And use dining tables and chairs with a capacity of one to two people.

Although to arrange a room to be multifunctional is indeed quite troublesome. For that, there are a few examples of minimalist small apartment designs that you can see as inspiration to redecorate your apartment.

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