10+ Beautiful Beach Cottage Gets a New Lease of Life

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Together with the aid of the own architect, Angela and George Hensler altered their 1940’s Hawaiian beach cabin into a calm, modern beach pad for 2. The Henslers took cues in the verdant, tropical garden which surrounded their home and chose to paint the outside of their cabin a habit shade of dark green. So their home wound mix to its surrounding. The Henslers additionally fitted new tiling sliding doors in their home, in sequence to open that their home up into the heat of Hawaii’s balmy sunshine. To create the maximum of Maui’s sunshine, the Henslers supplied their broad porch with walnut style chairs and an outdoor couch )

The latter of that is flanked with decorative pillows. The Henslers additionally insured that they would have the ability to enjoy views of their land, from within their property by producing a screened off porch that boasts a comfy window seat, in which the Henslers can unwind with a novel or watch the world go by. In keeping with their color strategy, the porch additionally boasts dark green partitions and natural wood flooring. The highlight of that the Henslers’ Maui property nonetheless, needs to be the lounge which includes new mild wood flooring and a lofty ceiling, allowing a lot of natural light to go into the lounge.

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