10+ Classy Dramatic Interiors

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This stunning home designed by Ukrainian architect is really trendy! “Da-house’ references japanese residential architecture via its use of substances and its close connection with nature. Located on the black sea, architect has used concrete and glass broadly, wanting to set a traditional nonetheless modern home, whereas the greenery utilized demonstrates a very clear link with the natural surroundings in that the residence stays.

The 350 square-foot proposal offers lodging over one storey with two car garage in basement level. Internally the project includes a sizable living region with an adjoining kitchen, two bedrooms and three bathrooms. Sirotov has tried to instill a feeling of heat and relaxation to those more intimate areas in comparison to the plot’s uncompromising exterior.

An enormous glass wall joins the large open-program living space having an outdoor pool and diversion facilities, whereas a smaller outside seating area is located adjacent to the dining table. Glazing is also integrated in that the floor of this house showing the garage beneath.

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