100+ Beautiful Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

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The beautiful master bathroom is one of essential parts of the house because it is used with various intensity by the occupants of the house so that it requires special care and attention so that the bathroom remains clean, comfortable, and fresh. Especially if the bathroom has a small size due to limited land conditions. Your master bathroom still needs more attention, but maintenance is not enough because the quality of the bathroom tends to decrease every year. It is better if you do a renovation for your master bathroom to be more comfortable and beautiful with a design that suits your taste.

Before you renovate a bathroom, there are several things to consider, including the design you want to apply, the size of the toilet, and the material that will be used. These three things are very influential in the number of funds needed to renovate the bathroom. You must adjust the selection of bathroom furniture by the design concept. So that the bathroom feels comfortable by adjusting the selection of materials and also furniture such as floor tiles and wall tiles because the ceramics function so that the walls are easy to clean and not easily moldy. At the same time, ceramic also gives the impression of luxury on the design. While for the floor tiles, you need to choose the type of ceramic that has a non-slippery texture that serves to reduce the possibility of slipping in the bathroom.

Next, choose a toilet seat or squatting depending on taste and comfort, but if you want to create a bathroom design that looks elegant, then choose a toilet seat. In addition to choosing a shower, sink, and complementary furniture is the right choice for the bathroom because the shower can clean the body and can also save water. Whereas for the sink makes cleaning activities easier such as teeth, washing your face, or washing hands. The latter chose complementary furniture such as towel hangers, tissue hangers, soap holders, and toiletries shelves. This is bathroom furniture that will make the bathroom look beautiful.

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