20+ Stunning The Wild Rubbit a Hotel with Cool Interior

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The hotel is one of the local and long-distance tourist destinations to stay and relax. The hotel is designed with several levels that can fit one person, two people up to the size of a mini apartment. The facilities and comfort provided by the hotel depend on the quality indicated by the number of stars. Starting from hotels with modern, vintage, rustic designs, and even today, there are capsule-shaped hotels that are very simple and suitable for you if you want to go to a hotel to rest for a short period.

But there is another type of design that is a wild rabbit. The quality of the hotel distinguished by elegant styles, such as interior layout, which brings together several different concepts. Whereas the Wild Rabbits usually use dark-colored furniture with monochrome color tones or brown shades. The interior design used intended so that guests feel comfortable staying at the hotel.

Semi-construction models can be used for the walls. It means using walls with designs that seem unfinished, still showing neat bricks. Use some furniture made from wood and add beautiful candles with various shapes. Aromatherapy candles also used. Add pots or small flower vases made of clay for decoration on the table. If you want more, you can also add some reading books that contain a historical value.

Designing a hotel will uniquely attract visitors to try a new hotel atmosphere. Design selection must also be observant so that the hotel can still provide extra comfort but at an affordable cost.

Most of the wild rabbit designs use wood interiors that provide a quiet rural atmosphere. If the environment has cooler weather, it would be better to make a furnace in the middle so that it used to relax. Some hotels use the wild rabbit design to give a different impression and as a characteristic of the place.

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