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Do you know Antonio Ballatore? If you like watching HGTV Design, you will immediately imagine the face and design ideas. Yes, Antonio Ballatore is the winner of the design competition held by HGTV Design Star season four. HGTV Design Star season four was held in 2009, and Antonio Ballatore was one of the eleven participating participants. Antonio can win the title by doing interior designs that are inspired by rock and roll style but give the impression of being edgy. He won the title in the design competition will be the genius of rearranging the room with a charming interior and color mix. So now Ballatore has his program called The Antonio Treatment.

The Antonio Treatment broadcast on HGTV guided by Antonio Ballatore. This program has been running since 2020. The contents of this program are a home improvement. This program presents various types of designs and tips in managing space to get extraordinary results. Ballatore casually packed the event, providing knowledge of several new design techniques. Besides, Ballatore shows decorations for several different locations on each screen.

There are many design choices made in The Antonio Treatment. Antonio himself explores the design bravely using interiors that rarely used. He can change the room into a rustic style, rock, and roll style and show the ferocity of voters, or change into a beautiful place and feminism with a blend of pink and pastel colors. The idea is always extraordinary and succeeded in making the audience amazed. He also dared to combine various bold colors to decorate the room. Stick a variety of abstract wall hangings, both figure or other decoration. Or can change the room with a simple and elegant design, which describes the homeowner has a calm attitude. His free soul shown in every design he makes. The man born in 1966 does not allow his soul to age by continuing to explore new design ideas and design techniques.

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