40+ Awesome Small Patio Design Ideas

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The terrace of the house is usually referred to as the face of a home and therefore looks quite essential. Choosing a minimalist terrace model is one thing you can do to make the terrace more beautiful and attractive. By choosing a minimalist design, the yard of your house will look more presentable. Because the minimalist concept does prioritize neatness and necessity, making it suitable for a home with a small patio. Besides, using natural elements is also able to beautify the idea of a minimalist and straightforward terrace.

A good idea to use a small patio is to place the furniture and decoration linearly, so you can leave room for the traffic. If the space is too small to place furniture, you can choose to make a small tropical forest. Plant some palm trees and unique ferns to support sunlight and put a path in the middle to care and garden. Give color to your terrace with a little vegetation, be it ferns or flowers. You can add a few pots to make your small patio feel greener. See, even a small patio doesn’t matter. Not all of it is vegetation; changing the texture on the floor surface is also a great way to take advantage of space and improve the state of your current terrace.

Take advantage of the intimacy that your small patio will become a private space. Put a pair of comfortable outdoor chairs, make a beautiful place to walk. You can relax here. Minimalist terrace models on limited land make you have to act creatively in maximizing every corner. One way is to use a seat that has an angle of 90ยบ at the edge of the terrace. If you use a chair, you can only put two pieces. With this seat model, you can give a sitting room for 3 to 4 people. Don’t forget to put a small side table to put the glass.

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