8 Stunning Contemporary Design With a Traditional Greek Ambience

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You will find luxury villas in Mykonos, the Cycladic Islands of Greece, which have a stunning contemporary design with a traditional classic ambiance with beautiful interior designs that make you feel comfortable while on vacation, perfect for relaxing with family or the closest people.

Of course, the design of the building is very luxurious with contemporary design features that are very riveting, coupled with the presence of two indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Not only that, but the living room also has a very grand classic feel.

White walls that can make the interior style of your house look more contemporary but still riveting with the artistic impression that gives privacy restrictions to your guests.

Meanwhile, the architectural design of the bathroom also has a wall with a motif of rocks, which certainly gives the impression of warmth with room lighting that is very beautiful and stunning.

The facilities of this one villa are complete starting from the playroom, sky lounge and swimming pool; even there is also a media room.

The beauty of the design of the house is added to the outdoor furniture that is patterned or brightly coloured so that it can make the style of the room more attractive. You can sunbathe or relax inside the house while enjoying the beautiful view outside.

Well, this interior design area provides local style as a form of respect with innovative and modern techniques so that it has enough sunlight, is cheerful, and is very bright. Even interior design and art are adorned with artifacts on display on any side that add a contemporary impression.
With the style of the outdoor living room will provide decorative beauty that is pleasing to the eye, added to the living room that has brightly coloured furniture to provide comfort with enough air or ventilation.

The exterior wall has a curved design with a landscape cap so that the shape is multi-level, which makes the style more contemporary. Decoration in white gives a relaxed and comfortable feel.

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